What an awesome Games4Ed meeting on June 28 at ISTE! The energy level was off the charts, and not just because of all the candy! The enthusiasm and dedication to game-based learning was inspiring, and we were honored to collaborate with so many of you from so many different organizations in such an important dialogue.

We had lively and thoughtful group discussions regarding Game Jams, Professional Development and Pilot Programs. The session notes for each group are attached for your review and comments.


Some general notes:

  • There is tremendous interest around game jams from everyone we are talking to. Please let us know by July 22 if you are interested in joining the Game Jam Steering Committee or the Research/Pilot Group. Game Jam development will be a priority activity over the near future, and we hope some of you will continue collaborating with us on this project, as well as on the Pilot Program project.
  • We are in the process of building a new Web site (www.games4ed.org) and hope to launch it by the end of July. It will include a donations page, as funding will be required for Game Jams, Pilot Programs and other initiatives. We will send out a notice when it is up.
  • The sustainability group has a survey for all game developers and publishers to reach as many developers as possible so we can present a comprehensive view of the state of the industry, the challenges and opportunities that current game developers face. This way we can begin to inform and collaborate on ways to build sustainable models for developing and distributing educational games. If you are a developer or publisher, please fill out the survey, and if you know developers or publishers, please send the link to them. Here is the link: http://linkis.com/www.surveymonkey.com/xcGO0
  • Please let us know by July 22 if we missed or misrepresented any facet of the discussion you attended. And please email us if you are not listed in the attendee list for your group. After July 22 we will edit the documents into a public report, which will get posted on our Web site.

If you have any other ideas, thoughts, comments about the ISTE meeting or any other aspects of the Games4 Ed goal of promoting game-based learning, please contact us.

Looking forward to continuing the journey with you!

Best Regards,

Larry and Mitch