Group Leader: Kae Novak

Students, teachers, administrators, and parents all want to know what students are learning in school, how they match up to other students in the country, and what they need to know next. Yet, there is a huge backlash across the country concerning schools taking weeks out of instructional time to assess student learning level.

Games have the unique ability to monitor player actions and assess student learning as part of gameplay, which would eliminate the need to waste time on additional testing. As an added bonus, the assessments in games are not just on academic skills (math, english), but also on higher level skills (i.e., problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and persistence). Accountability requirements tend to focus on traditional, standardized measures. However, this group will focus on multiple forms of formative and summative assessment, evaluation of soft skills required by games, and analysis that provides evidence of effectiveness as well as providing a comfort with the use of these measures for accountability purposes.

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