shutterstock_261554210Research & Pilots

Group Leader: Lori Ramsey

Game developers frequently experience resistance in getting schools to pilot their products, which makes it hard to determine their effectiveness in the classroom. This is due to schools lacking a method to test that their teachers are implementing the games correctly and effectively. We want to create a bridge between the developers and schools that are willing to pilot, thus facilitating the communication between the two parties and advancing research in the field. Additionally, we want Games4Ed to become a trusted source for information of studies regarding introducing game-based education.

We are also aiming to create a larger interest for schools to become pilots. Our goal is to be seen as a trusted unbiased party who can bring together the people who know how to do pilots, with schools who are willing to pilot, and game developers who want to get their games in the hands of teachers and students and observe the results.

Today there are three levels of pilot programs.

  • Testdrive: minimum one teacher, one class
  • Pilot: a minimum of four different teachers, in four classes, lasting at least a month
  • Research: controlled research across many classes and many schools and many districts, lasting 2+ months

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